Welcome to Hello, Cuteness! (HC), a rebrand from AnythingbutPerfect.com (ABP).

The Mission

Our goal is to offer high-quality, adorable & affordable printables and graphic design with a focus on cuteness! From custom web & graphic design, to premade organizing tools for home, work or school, my whimsical illustrations are sure to make your activities & events something to smile about.

The Designer

AC Hi! I’m Angela, the laborer of love behind the cuteness.

I’m currently a WAHM, but I used to march to the beat of the corporate drum … Or more precisely, the tapping foot of a persnickety manager I fondly referred to as “The Devil Wears Sag Harbor”. (Miss that ol’ broad).

I quit the corporate world over 5 years ago. No longer a cubicle monkey, now I’m a house elf to two equally demanding/sometimes crotchety little dudes. There are many things I miss about going to the workplace and an equal amount that I don’t miss! (Dress codes and long commutes? Negatory! Working in your pajamas with bedhead, while singing your heart out to internet radio? Yes please!). P.S. Old pic of me. I have gained weight! Ugh, carb monsters!

Making the decision to leave the hamster wheel was tough (in many respects), but has definitely been worth it. My boys have benefited greatly.

So what is it I do as a “WAHM”? … I work at home as a freelance graphic designer. My commercial clients keep me busy, but to be a total cheeseball … kawaii illustration is my yen, the wind in my sails. Creating cuteness makes me happy and keeps me motivated. I love what I do! It’s awesomeness.

What else? … I love music (Alt 80’s, New Wave, Synth-pop, Electronica), Discovery ID, shopping, planner time and DIY projects/crafts. Wine & craft nights with the girls are my fave!

I possess a crazy inclination towards being overly organized. Attention to detail? Obsessed with it! I’m also a little sarcastic, sometimes cynical and occasionally amusing. Despite the perfectionist tendencies, I’m truly ANYTHING BUT PERFECT!

If you want to see a more PERSONAL side, follow me on INSTAGRAM at: hello_cuteness. It’s kind of a mix of design, website, personal and planner stuff! ♥