{Free Printable} Year-at-a-glance Calendar 2014 – Archived

I needed a year-at-a-glance calendar because I constantly find myself talking about future events and then searching around so I can see what day it lands on. I guess I could use my phone, but having something printed and nearby is so much easier!

So here you go, I’m sharing it! … A yearly calendar featuring the cutie baked goods I drew for this WL set.

2014 Year-at-a-glance

2014 Year-at-a-glance


Sorry, download no longer available. This outdated calendar has been archived.

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calendars Please be advised that the 2013 calendar year was the last year that a FREE full-size version of our monthly calendars was posted. Thank you for your past support of our design work!


  1. PLEASSSSSE make the year at a glance for 2015…I’m in love with your calendars :)

  2. Love these, so cute! hope you come out with a 2015 one soon!

  3. I love all of your designs! Everything is just sooo cute :)

  4. So adorable! Totally downloading this one! Thank you so much. You’re awesome!

  5. Vicki Edgington says:

    Once again a thank you!! You are so beyond talented and I am so appreciative that you are so willing to share for those of us who are not!! Love, love, love all of your things!! Thanks!!

  6. Love your work!

  7. Rachel Clyne says:

    Thanks so much – absolutely adorable!

  8. love this so much! thanks for the year at a glance! :)

  9. Thank you so much! That is really helpful. Your creativity just goes on and on.

  10. RunnerGirl1023 says:

    Thanks, these are SOOOO CUTE!

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