{Free Printable} Winter Friends To Do Lists

I’ve had a few requests for these lists recently and I wanted to do a little bit of rebranding before I start switching to my brand new computer.

Hubs got me a brand new computer like 3 months ago and it’s still in the box! I seriously can’t wait to get it all set up and running, but I’ve been putting if off because I keep thinking of the tons of files I need to transfer and all the software programs to reinstall. Ugh! But I digress…

Rebranded (from the old site) and definitely tweaked from the original version, winter to do lists…

Winter Friends

Winter Friends

Free Printable

Free Printable

Happy Holidays to you and yours!



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  1. Nancy Pohorylo says:

    These are so cute! I really need this to keep me focused. Thank you so much Angela!

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