{Free Printable} Weekday Lunch Planner

Weekday Lunch Planner

Whew! … I’m coming up for some air to post this recently revamped & rebranded weekday lunch planner.

Wow, so many of you have been requesting (and even begging) for me to bring this useful freebie back from our old site :) So here it is … get ready to plan out some lunches!

What's for lunch?

What’s for lunch?

Perfect for: stay-at-home mommies, homeschoolers, in-home daycares and kids (or adults) who take their lunch to school (or work) every day.

Free Printable

Free Printable

This lunch planner was designed to print on standard U.S. letterhead (8.5 x 11 paper). Just print and write in your details! You can also laminate it and write on it with a dry erase marker.


My kids won’t eat the cafeteria lunch, so we pack lunches every single weekday. It can be a huge chore, so having it planned out definitely helps ;)


Personal (non-commerical) use only. Enduser alterations/derivatives are prohibited.

Please carefully review the full TERMS OF USE.

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  1. Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love your printables! They have made getting organized so much easier and of course cute! I would love a version of this that is weekly like the dinner plan, I just can’t think that far in advance.

  3. Asia Baker says:

    I love, love, love this meal planner…if it’s not too complicated would it be possible if you could make a 7 day monthly meal planner to include breakfast, lunch and dinner it would definitely be a huge life saver? Thanks in advance

  4. I just wanted to let you know that Popsugar has an image of a planner shown that is definitely a rip-off of yours. It’s shown here: http://www.popsugar.com/moms/Baby-Parenting-News-Week-Jan-23-21513652 They don’t link to the download for it, but it’s obviously yours re-done. Even the pattern of the food on top is the same.

    • Thank you so much Jessica for looking out for me! Actually though, that image they have was the original meal planner (designed by me from my old website) before I redesigned it for HelloCuteness.com. So, it’s all good! :)

  5. is their a way to turn this horizontal?
    Or purchase so I can edit menu in on computer?
    I love it!

  6. Can you make a menu like this mon- fri , breakfast lunch and snack?

  7. This is so adorable, all of your printables are! I’m i love. I want to use this for my weekly meal planning, I just really wish Saturday and Sunday were included! Sooooo cute!

  8. Oh THANK YOU!!! I loved this the first time around so much and it made my summer a billion times easier. When I couldn’t find it last summer, I dug out my old one and used white out just so I could re-use it. There just isn’t really anything else out there quite like it. So grateful you brought it back :)

  9. Nancy Pohorylo says:

    Wow, these are so wonderful! So colorful, so nice, and soooooo useful!! Thank you so much Angela for sharing your creative designs with me. I love that you like to be organized and I thank you for helping me be a bit more organized too!

  10. Love it!!!! Is there anyway you can make one for breakfast too.

  11. This is co cute! Is there any way you could make one for breakfast? :D

  12. Thank you!! We looooooove our meal calendars! I use this one and the dinner calendar. Keeps us organized and settles disputes about family meals. No more getting 20 suggestions of different meals. We just look on the chart and eat what it says. (What I say of course) And the design is so cute!!!

  13. Thank you! Can we shrink this so we can print 2 on a page? Love this for my kids.

    • Hi Tara! This freebie is in PDF format and there is not a way to shrink it to fit two to a page. But, I’ll add that request to my list of requests, for a future date!

  14. Hello Angela, I am Anna I found your website looking up blank calenders and the one calender that caught my eye was yours. It was nice, cute and something I needed thank you for posting things I need. – Anna

  15. Celina Manji says:

    OMG! This is the best site ever!!!! Its keeps me organised but cute too <3 <3

  16. Hi, I was just looking for some calendar pages to put on my fridge for my health and fitness goals, and found your website. These are so cute and I’ll definitely buy some editable designs from your page in the near future for my 2014 planning. Thanks for sharing some free stuff!

  17. So cute! Thank you so much for this, it’ll be perfect to put on my fridge to end all the “what’s for lunch today?” questions:)

  18. Pinned. So cute! Thank you!

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