{Free Printable} Weekly Dinner Planner

Weekly Dinner Planner

As part of my mission in home organizing, I made myself a new weekly dinner planner. I wanted something simple, just for dinners, that I could easily stick on the fridge. I’m sharing it with you today and hope you’ll get some use out of it too!

As usual, it’s also matchy-matchy with the other get organized printables.

What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

You can use the light-colored boxes on the right for a special notation. Such as, whose turn it is to cook dinner that night (a Mom can dream right?!).

This dinner planner was designed to print on standard U.S. letterhead (8.5 x 11 paper). There are two weekly planners per sheet. Just print, cut the sheet in half and write in your details!

Or if you prefer, keep the sheet whole for a 2-week view of your dinner plans :)

Free Printable

Free Printable

Keep a stack of these printed and ready for use!



▲ Due to popular request, as of 1/20/2015, a second page has been added to the original PDF file for this weekly (half-page) dinner planner. The second page starts the week on SUNDAY (instead of Monday).

ADDITIONALLY – (also by request) – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD a full-size page format (8.5×11). This format also has a second page within the PDF file that has a SUNDAY start (instead of Monday).


Personal (non-commerical) use only. Enduser alterations/derivatives are prohibited.

Please carefully review the full TERMS OF USE.

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  1. Super cute, but could you make one that begins with Sunday?

  2. Can you make this so that it says whats for lunch and just monday – friday? I am a daycare provider so i just need weekdays. Another idea would be mon-fri and Breakfast , Lunch and snack .

  3. I love these super cute printables! I found a really boring weekly meal planner, before stumbling across your site, that I think you could make look awesome! It had ‘Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack’ horizontally for each day. It’s great for all weekly meals at a glance but nowhere near the cuteness of your designs. I would love to see one like that with your designs one day. ;) Thanks for sharing your creations!

  4. This is perfect! Adorable as usual. I had seen somewhere else where they framed (a way more boring meal planner) and they would use a dry erase marker on top so it can be reused weekly. Helps me feel like a tiny bit tree hug-er. =)

  5. this is just too cute and practical. Thank you!

  6. These are so adorable! Thank you so much!

  7. Melissa McIntyre says:

    Hey there! I LOVE your printables! They are too cute! I found your lunch menu sometime last year, pinterest maybe?? I don’t remember, anyhow my kids loved it soo much that I found your site to see if you have one for dinner. Lo, and behold you do! Thank you soo much, these are just wonderful and CUTE!!!

  8. Love love love looooooove. Thank you! You KNOW I think you are AMAZING!

  9. Love so much, thank you!!

  10. I LOVE this! I just did my meal planning yesterday, wish I had seen this before :) I followed your blog wayyyy back and just started blogging again, missed reading yours!

    Instagram: megawat

  11. Christina says:

    You have beautiful hand writing. Have you ever considered doing a font? I could make you one for free.

  12. I would LOVE to see how you decorate! lol

  13. Glad to see you back, thanks for sharing this!

  14. Not Beehive says:

    This is adorable. Thank you!

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