{Free Printable} No Soliciting Sign

Back by overwhelming request … the (infamous) “No Soliciting” door signs :)

Originally a freebie from our old site, these signs were created to ward off the pesky sales people and religious groups who were constantly knocking down our door.

As I’ve said before, I totally LOATHE solicitors! Sincere apologies if that is your chosen profession, but there is nothing worse than having to talk to a total stranger with pajamas on, bedhead and black eyeliner smudged down your face. Let’s not talk about the unbrushed teeth or day-old underwear. (Don’t judge, it happens.)

Even though we’d TRY to stay as quiet as possible, my boys get hyper-excited about any activity at the front door. (They’ve been known to enthusiastically throw their arms around the legs of the Pizza Delivery Guy.) Pretending that no one was home wasn’t quite working and some solicitors don’t know when to give up either!

A “No Soliciting” sign was definitely in order, so I made a few color choices in a 5×7 size.

No solicting signs

No solicting signs

They look great in a white frame.

IKEA frame

Inexpensive frames from IKEA

We put ours in the vertical window by the front door.

Front window

Think they’ll get the picture?

That was at our old house, but I put one in the window at our new house and it’s also done the trick. Bye-bye unsolicited sales people!

Free Printable

Free Printable

The PDF file contains all 6 color options.


If you don’t have a window by the front door, you could also laminate it and stick it to your front door with some command strips.

Other ideas: on the reception desk of a business or office, on a public bulletin board, etc.


Personal (non-commerical) use only. Enduser alterations/derivatives are prohibited.

Please carefully review the full TERMS OF USE.

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  1. So I know that this was posted A LONG time ago but…could you tell me what font you used? I LOVE it and want to use it for some invites I’m making.

    • Hey Julie! I flattened the text in the file and can’t see the font names, but I BELIEVE it was either Abemarle Swash or Freebooter. Check dafont.con for free fonts! :)

  2. So cute! Thank you! Although, I am going to add “Unless you’re a neighbor kid” or something of the like to mine. I don’t mind the kids coming around fundraising for their schools or teams, but the religious folk and the unfamiliar kids shilling newspapers are not my cup of tea.

  3. Thank you!!!!

  4. I love it when religious groups come to my door. They are nice and well dressed and I know they are there to share something they believe will help me be happier. Pushy salespeople are a different story. I like the idea of modpodging this cute sign to a block of wood. I love all your designs!! Thanks for making so many freebies, and the prices are so reasonable in the shop.

  5. Thank you SO much!

  6. I love this! I applied the paper to a piece of wood and made a sign for my yard. This is adorable! http://theycallmeloopy.com/2013/09/28/no-soliciting-…free-printable/

  7. Brindy Adams says:

    Thank you SOO much! I’ve put off finding vinyl because I don’t have any connections, I just needed to print something out to display in my window…but I wanted it cutesy. LOVE IT!!!

  8. Georgianna says:

    Thanks for these! I love how it looks and somehow the fact that it is pretty makes me feel less mean. :)

  9. Lindsay K says:

    Thank you!!!!

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