{Now in the Shop} 2013 Image Format Monthly Calendars

This new version of the premium calendars is definitely late to the party! Nonetheless, I’m happy to finally get it formatted & listed in the shop :)

By popular request – 2013 Image Format Monthly Calendars.

Overlay text

Overlay text

With the calendars in image format a user can…


Both the free and text editable (premium) versions of the 2013 calendars are in PDF format and only allow for an 8.5×11 print size. With the image format, the calendars can be resized and printed in alternate sizes – up to a 30×20 poster size!


The free version does not allow for the addition of typed text. The text editable version(s) does allow for text to be entered into preformatted date boxes, using Adobe Reader only. With this new image format, users can import the image into the text/image editing software program of their choice and overlay text onto the calendar image.

2013 Image Format Monthly Calendars - © Hello, Cuteness!

2013 Image Format Monthly Calendars – © Hello, Cuteness!

Please check out the listing for the full product description.


  1. Hello AC,
    I like your adorable, colorful and cuteness monthly calendars! You truly have a gift in designing and making people smile. Since the beginning of this year – I have been downloading the free ones. Thank you for making it available!!!

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