{Free Printable} School Notes, Redesigned!

School Notes

If you followed our old site, Anything but Perfect, you probably know about (and maybe even used) the original School Notes. This printable was initially created to make sending notifications to my children’s teachers quick, cute and hassle-free.

Old Version

No longer available

I’ve stated that the rebranding of old ABP printables would be slowly accomplished as workload allows. There was also a disclaimer that some of those oldies may be tweaked & listed in the shop. However, these notes have been widely popular and useful to many teachers & parents, so I wanted to continue to offer them as a freebie!

But of course, I had to give them a little facelift ;) … Introducing…

The shiny, new and updated School Notes!

New School Notes

School Notes

Now with 100% more cuteness! Also, matchy-matchy with the other get organized printables.

These notes were designed to print on standard U.S. letterhead (8.5×11 paper). There are two pages/color options in the file. Just print, cut the sheet in half and write in your details!

Free Printable

Free Printable

Keep a stack of these notes printed and ready for use :)

Teachers: you may share the link to this post (or provide printed copies) to your students’ parents.


I hope these help to make your school-note-sending/receiving that much easier!


Personal (non-commerical) use only. Enduser alterations/derivatives are prohibited.

Please carefully review the full TERMS OF USE.

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  1. These are the most cutest notes I have ever seen!! Cant wait to send these to my daughters teachers!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!

  2. As a elementary school secretary I think your notes are great! I plan to put them in our next newsletter and eventually add to our webpage. Thank you again!

  3. Melynda Shaw says:

    These are so cute and useful! Thanks for making them available for download. It is very kind of you. I printed them off for my daughter and as I am a school secretary, I will use them to give those students that forget to bring an excuse for being absent:)

  4. thank you so so so much i love the absence printable, genius!

  5. Thank you for sharing these notes. They are making my mornings so much easier.

  6. These are perfect for my daughter & I. I am so completely and totally disorganized and forget to write notes until I’m walking out the door in the morning. These are fabulous! A few quick checks and it’s done. Perfect! Thank you so very much!

  7. I love your freebies! Thank you! You had a school money printable that could be printed on label sheets. I used this all of last year for my daughter. Her teacher loved it. I can no longer find it. Does it still exist?

  8. PIA AYALA says:

    Hello, i just love the idea and look of these little school notes. unfortunately i have not been able to get these to download and print to my computer. every time i open the downloadable pdf, the image is blank. please let me know if these are still available and if i’m doing something wrong :(

    • Hello Pia. You might want to make sure that you have the most current version of Adobe Reader installed. Also, trying right-clicking on the download link, then saving it to your computer directly, then open it up from there.

  9. I loved the ones that where just for money. At the beginning of the school year each of my kids get an organizer that all the students use for communication between school and home so the top of this form would be of a waste to me. Could you please bring back the money only form.

  10. I love these! I am normally very unorganized so I’ll impress with these, thanks!

  11. Joey Crossgrove says:

    Your printables are adorable. Thank-you so much for sharing.

  12. Tiffany Britt says:

    I love this, would you be okay with me using them in my classroom?

  13. These are so adorable! Thank you so very much.

  14. Miryam Karlowitz says:

    Thank you so much! These notes are just adorable and very practical :)

  15. Very cute ….Thank you !!

  16. OMG! These are adorable and exactly what I was looking for! Love ’em! Thank you so much for keeping these free. =D

  17. OMG!! I am sooo glade to see these school notes back, I loved the old ones just as much couldnt choose btw the two of them. I love your designs, and i love your blog..

  18. My daughter loves to take these notes to school, her teacher and lunch lady thinks they are absolutely adorable. Thank u for them!!

  19. Alisha,

    Thanks for all your GREAT WORK!! You are doing a SUPER JOB on all the different projects. Love all your ideas.
    Keep up the great Job.


  20. As a teacher and a parent, I utilize these in both arenas. Thanks for creating these. They are so cute!!

  21. Thank you so much! These are even more adorable than the others!

  22. Thanks so much!

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