{Exclusive Download} Easter Eggs & Jellybeans Square Tags

My goodness, Easter is less than a week away?! Wow, this holiday really got away from me this year. My good friend Toni at MBC and I had planned to collab on some Easter printables. I was going to design them and she was going to do the photography. However, with her brand new site design in the works (which we launched for her last week) and other must-do’s – we simply had too much on our plates to fit it all in.

Fortunately, I did have a creative burst one night and illustrated these cute and colorful eggs & jellybeans. They look like they’re getting ready for a party huh?

A springtime celebration!

A springtime celebration!

I turned these little guys into just a few adorable Easter printables that are now listed in the shop (candy bar wrappers, treat bag toppers… ) and handed over these nifty square tags to Toni, to offer to her blog readers.

Square tags on cupcakes

Square tags on cupcakes

These tags can be used for cupcake toppers, just like Toni did :) Or you can tie them on as a festive tag for any other treat or gift as well.

Important IN THE SHOP
Find matching items for sale in the shop.
Treat bag toppers, candy bar wrappers and more!
Exclusive Free Printable

Exclusive Free Printable

To grab this freebie, please head over to Make Bake Celebrate for the exclusive download.

Click to download via MakeBakeCelebrate

No worries if you already have your Easter goodies all wrapped up. Save them for next year! I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend :)


  1. Cute tags! And I just hopped over to the site you designed and I love it. It is a gorgeous site, you are amazing!

  2. These are adorable! They’re perfect to stick on as tags on my treats I am sending my family this week. Thank you!

  3. Kaysie Ferguson says:

    So very cute

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