{Free Version} May 2013 Calendar – Archived

That Pepper sure is a spicy little dude! Taco is kind of scared. LOL!

Fiesta Friends

Yippee, it’s taco time!

May 2013

Archived – May 2013


Sorry, download no longer available. This outdated calendar has been archived.

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calendars Please be advised that the 2013 calendar year was the last year that a FREE full-size version of our monthly calendars was posted. Thank you for your past support of our design work!


  1. Muchos Gracias..Salamat Po!!!, Thank you very much. I actually printed out one for myself and I posted it on my office wall. I kind a love the cool graphics/design that makes my schedule more exciting

  2. Thank you for these adorable calendars! My seven year old daughter absolutely loves them and was so excited we found them online. So cute! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for your calendars!
    We moved to Spain and we love to have your creations in our kitchen!
    Soooo beautiful, and in English, which is not the easiest thing to find here! :)

  4. LOVE these calendars! They brighten up my fridge! Thank you!

  5. I absolutely enjoy looking at the cute illustrations when I’m writing assignments and due dates on the calenders. It really makes my day brighter. Thanks!

  6. I just love these little characters! Thank you so much for providing a free calendar. My kids are so excited to have these in their rooms!

  7. Oh my this is precious! I love your calendars. So so adorable.

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