25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

There’s this fun blog series going around, started by Laura from Live Smile Celebrate and based on the “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” celebrity series in US Magazine. (Way cool idea Laura!) I was tagged by Kristy of The Purple Pug. So here it goes…

Photo Booth

Photo booth at the hubs company party

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

  1. I was born and raised in Arizona, I think 70° is “freezing”, yet still whine about the heat every summer.
  2. I’m married to a dude who’s seven years younger than me.
  3. My boys are 18 mos. apart in age and were named after Quentin Tarantino & Gavin Rossdale.
  4. My fave color is grey (grey not gray) ;)
  5. My 2nd fave color is pink and just like my salsa, I like it HOT. Medium pinks are awesome too.
  6. I never lost any of my baby weight and there’s WAY too much junk in this trunk.
  7. I’m also short. 5’2″. The hubs nicknamed me “Nugget” years ago but that got shortened to “Nugg”.
  8. I had a personalized license plate on my car for many years that said “AZNUGG”.
  9. You know those SAHM’s at the bus stop who look like they just rolled out of bed, with the messy hair bun, stained VS sweat pants & boot-slippers? Yeah, not me. I get up extra early every school day to make sure I have it all done: hair, make-up, matching outfit. Why I torture myself so, I don’t know – because most days no one else sees me (or really cares!) ;)
  10. I’m obsessed with colorful/stylish bins, baskets, containers and office supplies. The Container Store makes me salivate.
  11. I have strong tendencies to want to label and color-coordinate everything in sight.
  12. I used to be a major party girl/socialite (before marriage/kids) and would go out dancing several nights a week.
  13. Now I’m a homebody who prefers a nice night at home with a glass of wine and a good movie.
  14. Four genuis inventions: clorox wipes, electric wine bottle opener, the Dyson Animal and #4 is a toss up between matte lipstick and hairspray (both of which my husband wishes I would use less of).
  15. I hate to cook but love to eat. Bad combination.
  16. My top 5 bands of all time haven’t changed since 1995: Depeche Mode, The Cure, New Order, Duran Duran and Garbage.
  17. When I was single/in my 20’s I would keep Cartoon Network on 24/7, even while I was sleeping. To this day I still prefer to watch cartoons. Fave shows are: The Regular Show and Adventure Time.
  18. I drink a Lo-Carb Monster or Diet Rockstar almost every day.
  19. Three mantras I want to instill in my children: “Keep it real”, “Leave your ego at the door” and “Always be kind”. (Honesty, humility and kindness.)
  20. If I wasn’t a graphic designer I would love to be a professional organizer.
  21. What melts my heart: listening to the tiny, sweet voice of my 4-year-old when he sings songs and the belly laugh of my 5-year-old when he laughs at his own jokes.
  22. Two things I wish I had more time to do: read books and do hands-on crafts.
  23. Business pet peeve: emails asking for a {Free Printable} that wasn’t found on my blog. (i.e. “Hi, do you have any free Bat Mitzvah treat bag toppers?”). I say this with my usual sarcastic humour but, this isn’t Famous Footwear. I promise there isn’t additional stock hidden in the back room :)
  24. On the same hand, I LOVE sharing freebies and totally dig designers who are also generous with free printables! Also, I LOVE seeing designers price their custom printables reasonably :D
  25. The most satisfying party of my job is making people smile with happy/cute illustrations.



  1. I just wanted to say that your about me is AWESOME! I got in a few chuckles too. Your site is totally adorable as well. I will be following you via FB. winks, jen

  2. You’re a total stranger to me, and I still loved reading your list. I found some commonalities. Especially #1! I now live in TN and miss that desert heat so much! It seems to always be raining or getting ready to rain and the humidity drives me crazy! Currently: raining. =)

    • We could always use a little rain over here though! :) Humidity? No thanks! lol. Thanks for dropping by :D

  3. I am a #9 too. My mother used to take us to school in her robe. I still cringe when I think about it. Thanks for all the creative things you share with us! You rock!

  4. Christy Orcutt says:

    Grey is my favorite color too. :) GREY. Not GRAY.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I totally love your website and the cute and free printables. I have printed several out and have shared them with friends:). I am studying to be a teacher and love all of your ideas! Thanks for your sharing your creativity with us:D

  6. love your blog!! That list was awesome and you made me laugh, so thanks for that… thanks for the freebies!

  7. ha ha. I was laughing hard when I read this! I wish I was like you and got ready for the bus stop! I’m also freezing at 70 and a fellow Az girl! However, I was born in Canada!!

  8. Debra Kapellakis says:

    I like what you wrote.

  9. I loved reading about you and you are just way too cute!! Thank you for always sharing the adorable printables – you always make me smile! :) See??

  10. Do I get a sticker for knowing most of these things already? :)

    I still have my SpongeBob pillow that you sent me! (Thanks again, by the way!)

    • Girl, you get a sunny face! Like Quentin gets on his “Havior Chart” when he has a good day. (Yeah, it’s BEhavior, he always leaves the first part of words off and/or changes the first letter to something else. Like dessert is Bessert).

  11. Leigh Ann says:

    I am so with you on number 10 one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world is staples. last year my aunt gave me a staples gift card for my birthday and i was so happy. the container store is my second favorite store.

    • Staples is pretty awesome! Office Max too, but Staples is cheaper I think! Like a girl who loves her some office supplies :D

  12. I really enjoyed reading this! I’m semi-new to your blog and love getting your email updates but I like YOU even more now! I absolutely love that you get yourself completely ready in the morning before leaving with your kids you rock! :)

  13. Number 9 made me LOL. Number 21 is my favorite:) xo

  14. I always love learning about the people whom I follow.Thank you for sharing with some part of your life.It was interesting to read.

    Enjoy Teaching English

    • Thank you Lusine! I always love to check out new blogs too. Yours is great! LOTS of free teacher printables – that’s AWESOME. And I like the Mother’s Day poems you had your students create!

  15. Tania k says:

    I am a teacher who has been following you for a while.
    #23 made me laugh out loud! No comment on that :)
    Thanks for all your freebies. Pinterest and I love your work!
    My Second Sense

    • :) Thank you Tania! Just peeked around your blog. Super cute! You’ve got some nice freebies too! Teachers ALWAYS have a special place in my heart!

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