{Exclusive Download} Bumble Bee Label Set

If you’re planning a baby shower and/or you like bumble bees, this next label set might be right up your alley! It was designed as text-editable PDF files for printing on World Label compatible labels and includes a couple of great extras.

Blue Version

Blue Version

Pink Version

Pink Version

It’s all available to help you pull off a simply adorable baby shower for a boy or girl!

PINK VERSION: Click to download via WorldLabel
BLUE VERSION: Click to download via WorldLabel

P.S. Don’t worry about all the “AnythingbutPerfect.com” verbage, this set was designed by me when my old domain was active. It’s still a free gift from World Label!

(While you’re there, be sure to leave them a comment and/or “like” them on Facebook! Why? Because they rock! (World Label hires designers to create useful label sets that they turnaround and offer you for F-R-E-E!) Now that’s pretty dang awesome.)


  1. I would love your pink bumble bee set. Precious!

  2. OMGOSH.. these are just so adorable! Many, many thanks for sharing :)

  3. Kyrsten H. says:

    Thanks so much- love these

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