{Exclusive Download} Spooky Fun Halloween Treat Bag Toppers

Remember the Spooky Fun party kit that I was working on? Well, the kit is now available for purchase at The Printable Cottage (TPC). There are lots of super cute items included in this kit to help you throw a colorful (and sweetly spooky) Halloween party!

TPC wanted to offer another free printable to their FB fans, so I designed them a set of treat bag toppers to match the Spooky Fun Party Kit.

Free Gift TPC

Spooky Fun

To get this free printable, please follow these steps:

This printable is free of charge, but you do need to complete their checkout process.

Should you have any issues downloading, please post your feedback on their FB wall.
Their site is having known issues with Internet Explorer, so if possible use another browser (i.e. Chrome or Firefox).

P.S. Don’t worry about all the “AnythingbutPerfect.com” verbage, these toppers were designed by me when my old domain was active. It’s still a free gift from The Printable Cottage!

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