{Free Printable} October 2011 Calendar

I’m stoked about 4 new characters that I created today! The truth is… I really have no business tinkering on the computer right now! I have a bunch of household chores and other “work” that I need to nail down. Plus, the summer BLAHS are causing my boys to systematically wreck the house (out of pure boredom). It doesn’t help that it’s too dern hot to do anything outside in Arizona right now. HOWEVER… when a creative streak strikes, sometimes you just gotta go with it! Seriously, the dishes (and the “mystery” juice/ketchup stains on the carpet) aren’t going anywhere.

Candy Corn Gang

The Original Candy Corn Gang 2011

Is it Halloween yet? Because I really love Halloween. And I really love CANDY CORN! I plan to use these little dudes in some Halloween printables. I might even make a couple more characters to add to the gang. For now, I decided to use them to create the October monthly calendar.

Free printable

October 2011


Sorry, download no longer available. This outdated calendar has been archived.

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calendars Please be advised that the 2013 calendar year was the last year that a FREE full-size version of our monthly calendars was posted. Thank you for your past support of our design work!


  1. Please make the download available again! I want to include this in my scrapbook. <3

  2. Hannah Hill says:

    I thought that these calendars are GREAT!! You really know how to make ’em!!

  3. I LOVE THESE CALENDARS. I had to print them out for work, but also printed them for home. My 3 year old son asks me everyday “how many more days of school – daycare”, so I figured these would be great to mark down the days to the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amazing. Do you print your printables on any specific type of paper?

  5. OMG I can’t wait to see what you come up with for November and December

  6. You are awesome…thank you so much you’re the BEST!! :) Hugs x

  7. I need to be doing housework too but it’s so much more fun looking at your cute little gang! Love it!

  8. Melissa Smith says:

    YEA!!!! You got Sept and Oct ready!!! SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!! Makes looking at the calendar and all I have to do so much more FUN!!!!

  9. I love, love, LOVE these!! Thanks again for the free calendars!!

  10. I just love your printables =)

    Thank you so much!

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