{Copycraft} Playroom Mantel

Check out this super cute ABC’s printable that I found at Sprik Space. She has several color choices in a simple format and then there’s the one I chose to go on our mantel. The mantel is in our family room, which we set up as a playroom for the boys. I wanted the mantel to be colorful and youthful since it’s in a place were tons of toys are usually strewn about.

Playroom mantel

Playroom mantel

I had the print blown up to 16×20 through Walgreens Photo. It was a 50% off poster prints sale, so I think the print only cost me around $7! I already had the frame. I’ve seen a similar print at Target for mucho more dinero. Mucho!

Polka dot candles

Polka dot candles

I “created” the polka dot candles using this technique. I used plain white candles from Hobby Lobby (50% off sale) and some patterned tissue paper. The post on Ador shows you how to do it by printing a pattern onto a plain piece of white tissue, but if you can find some tissue paper that already has a cute pattern on it, your job is that much faster & effective!

Then I just string up a pinwheel garland that was created with scrapbook paper, star brads and jute.

Go check out Sprik Space! She has LOTS of really cute (and free) printables to decorate your home with.


  1. Lori Hill says:

    Dear Angela,

    I absolutely love this website! Thanks so much for providing so many adorable items for free and at a minimal cost! I only wish you could come and help me decorate it too!

    Thanks again so much.


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