{Party Planning} Gavin’s 3rd Birthday Invitation

Que the internal conversation… “Self, I know you’re stressed with all those tasks/projects on your plate, so why not throw some MORE on there and see just how frickin’ pressured you can make yourself? Sounds like a good idea? OK! LET’S DO THIS!”

My youngest son, Gavin, will be turning 3 years old in April. We try to make a “big deal” out of every other birthday because it gets WAY costly to be throwing parties every year for two kiddos! We didn’t do anything big for Gav’s 2nd, so I guess a birthday party is in order! Nevermind that my house will not look the way I want it to because both time and budget are limited right now, the party is less than 3 weeks away! Ay ya! It’s time to thrive off the stress! :/

Example of the birthday invitation

Gav's birthday invitation

I’m going to try to keep things as simple as my mosaic mind will allow. There will be no stinkin’ pirates, superheroes, monster trucks or anything else too predictable. Gavin really likes balloons, stars and (of course) c-a-n-d-y. So we’re going to incorporate all of that with lots of bright color, mostly primary colors, and call it a day!

I’ll definitely be doing a scaled down version of a candy buffet, as well as using the gumball machines I scored from DT as takeaways. Hubby wants to get a bounce house to keep the kids entertained. He also said he doesn’t want to do burgers and hotdogs, but something a little more classy. Like steaks and chicken. Whatever, I’m down with hotdogs if you ask me! Just as long as they’re kosher! Plus I’ve really been wanting to try to make cake pops… Ugh, so much for keeping it simple huh?!

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