{Project} Guest/craft room on a budget

We did our walk-through and received the keys to the new house today! I’d forgotten how nice this new house is. Lots of upgrades! A little bigger square footage wise too (we get a bonus family room which will be set up as a play room). The new house is also much more open and has better natural light. This is super important to me because our current home is rather dark (and depressing). But if you ask my night-shift husband, he would disagee! He loves it all dungeony, bless his little zombie soul <3 We had accidently ordered our window screens too dark (miscommunication) and were forced to live with them for almost 4 years. Also, the floorplan itself did not lend to a bright and airy feeling. If I could go back to 2007 and NOT BUY this house, I totally would! Anyone got a time-machine I can borrow? ;) So yes, I'm really looking forward to making the big move within the next week! New house, new start!

I'm also super stoked that I'll have a guest room/craft room! And get this — I get to decorate this room anyway I want! This is a big thing because hubby can be opinionated on home decor and we always have to make compromises. (That's what you get when a firstborn marries an only-child!). The room will need to have a computer desk and twin bed in it. I also need lots of storage for all my craft supplies. I decided to go with the colors of red, black and grey. The walls are already painted a taupe color, which I think we can make work (and might even create a nice contrast). I'm no Candice Olson (neither in expertise nor in budget), but I created a little vision board for this room…

Guest room vision board

Guest room vision board

There is limited budget for this room, so we’re going to reuse/repurpose some stuff we already have. I’ve already picked up the bedding set (ssshhh, it’s from Walmart!), the songbird pillow (also Walmart) and the rug (IKEA). I know it’s your typical bed-in-a-bag, nothing Pottery Barn worthy, but I liked the modern print/colors. Plus the price was a real steal for all that you get! We’re going to get the Meldal daybed from IKEA as well. The bed won’t get used too often, just when one of the Grandmas (either my Mom or my MIL) come to visit.

Since the bedding/rug already have a lot going on, I think white storage containers will help neutralize the space. I really want a grey floor lamp and a sunburst mirror. I’ll use a few red accent pieces (like the vase) to give it that pop!

So that’s the plan Stan! I’ll post more photos once we get moved in and get the room set up. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the room, I’d love to hear them!


  1. cardinal says:

    Very nice! I was looking for guest/craft room ideas and found your post. Love your choices.

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