{Copycraft} Pom Pom Flowers

If you’re a girly girl (like me) and love to put adornments in your hair, then you gotta check out this pom pom flower tutorial @ Craft Snob. So cute! So easy! So inexpensive! And felt material is much more hip than a (plastic-y) fake flower! The first one I made was, or course, GREY! :) Then I made a second one with some added bling…


Grey Pomela

Hot pink

Hot Pink Pomela

I also tried to use her Lydia flower tutorial to make a white one. I say “tried” because I was having a bad case of ADD and just sorta winged it. The outcome of that was a couple glue gun burns and the fact that it didn’t much come out like the Lydia. (Damn you ADD!) Oh well, it’s still usable! :D

Alternate hair clip or brooch pin

Alternate hair clip or brooch pin

Also, if you cut two slits on the flower backing, you can make your flower interchangable for a hair clip or a brooch pin. (Clips/pins found at Joann’s in the jewelry section.)

I think I’m a little two old to pull off the hot pink flower in my hair, but I bet it would look sweet as a brooch pinned to the shirt of a black/hot pink layered look.

Oh, Hi there!

Oh, Hi there!

Here I am rockin’ the grey pom, attached to a head band. You can’t see the head band though because it’s black and my hair is pretty dark right now. I know, I know – cheesy pic much? The hubby razzed me about being a poser when he saw this. Heh, oh well! You get the idea ;)


  1. Oh, I totally think you could rock the hot pink!

  2. Hey, what do you know?! :) When I checked your blog earlier today, you hadn’t updated yet.

    You did a great job! These are really cute.

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