{Things I Love} Issue #2

Here we go… a few more things I currently can’t get enough of ;) …

TiLove Issue 2

TiLove Issue #2

  1. Glass Bubble Rings: in Black/White. Super hip and cute! Looks great with dark nail polish. Hobby Lobby has acrylic knockoffs for just $1.99 for a set of two! (No way!) WAY!
  2. Lindor Truffles: Milk Chocolate Bar. OMG! I had no idea they made these in bars! I could snarf the whole thing in one sitting!!! Seriously the most delightful thing I ever put in my mouth ;) …
  3. e.l.f. Essentials Hypershine Gloss: in Honey. Don’t let the color scare you. Looks fabulous over a darkish lipliner, gives a golden glass-like shimmer. The texture/taste is also awesome. Not typically a gloss fan, but this one is definitely two thumbs up!
  4. Converse All Star Double Tongue: Wrapping Paper, Charcoal/Carmine. I just ordered these and CANNOT WAIT to receive them! Really been wanting some charcoal chucks for a long time, as I’m currently a lover of all things dark grey. The added PINK is just a sweet bonus!
  5. Long layered necklaces: Hematite! Actually, I’m into ALL hematite jewelry right now. Why hematite? Because it’s GREY! And it’s SHINY! It also has some pretty amazing healing properties.
  6. Burberry: Touch for Men. Oh sweet geezus, you will go CRAZY over your guy if he’s wearing this scent! Just bought some for the hubs for Christmas. Smells so dang good!
  7. Stor It: Storage Bags. Found these at Dollar Tree. Nice quality and tons of uses! Great for packing or toting, as well as storage. *
  8. Jordana Easyliner for Lips: Retractable Pencil. I started using these a couple years ago and I’ll never buy an expensive lipliner again! I love retractable liners. Glides on smoothly and the price is phenomenal! You can find them at Walgreens for just $1.99 each! Fave colors are Coco Loco, Plush Plum, Tawny and Terra Kiss.

* Stor It Bags: IMO, comparable to the pricey Ziploc Brand Big Bags. I grab a couple boxes every time I shop at DT. Another use: much more classy than a plastic shopping bag, if you need to quickly pack up something to give away to someone!


  1. I really love the Jordana liners, they’re great. I’m so happy that I randomly tried them like 2 years ago and I was pleasantly surprised. The elf studio liner/brush combo in Natural is also my current fave. It’s really creamy and looks great.

    I think the honey color is one of the few I haven’t tried in the hypershine glosses, I’ll have to try it out.

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