Growing like weeds

I recently put this collage together to send to some relatives back east. Since I like NEVER update my Flickr account, I thought I’d post this here as well. So you can see that my boys are not babies anymore, but crazy cute little men! :D


Q and G 2010

Quentin recently got his haircut, so it’s a lot shorter. Gavin is a whole different story… he hasn’t had a haircut in MONTHS. Due to his sensory issues, Gav has developed an acute fear of hair cuts. The last 4 attempts to take him for a hair cut have resulted in scene-causing freak outs, complete with screaming, crying and throwing himself on the ground. Yeah, the ladies at Cost Cutters must LOVE us. So we basically gave up on even trying anymore. He just won’t let clippers (or even a pair of scissors) go anywhere NEAR his head. We even tried it at home, with me trying to hold/calm him and Daddy wielding the clippers. It was a no go. Well, today I finally had enough of the Billy Ray mullet, so I pretty much FORCED him to let me cut his hair. It was a traumatic event for all involved, including Quentin, who was trying to assist Mom with the process. Hubby was asleep. Lucky him.

So how did it come out? Well, considering that I have zero training/skill when it comes to cutting hair and the fact that he was not very cooperative… All I can say is that homeboy is looking a lot like Lloyd Christmas from Dumb & Dumber (read: Mom butchered it). Oh well! At least he looks a little better than he did before! I don’t know what’s better… Lloyd or Billy Ray?

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