How NOT to make a cupcake stand

Monday was hubby’s 30th birthday and I spent most of that day running around, doing last minute things because my motto is typically, “Procrastinate now, freak out later”.

He had asked for cupcakes instead of a cake and I had wanted to make a cute cupcake stand that was a little more unique than the store bought one I have. I’d had this tutorial bookmarked for a cheap/easy cupcake stand using dollar store finds. I thought it was super creative and frugal! (Right up my alley these days!): The Little Brown House: Dollar Store Cupcake Stands

Supplies from the dollar store

So I gathered up my supplies: glass candle stick holders, metal burner covers, super glue, scrapbook paper, spray paint (not pictured) and paper doillies. Unfortunately, I made a few fatal mistakes and instead of this being a “look what I made! How cute is that?” kind of post, it’s a “didn’t quite work out so great” kind of post….

  • #1 – Do not wait until the last minute to assemble this bad boy. And I mean SO VERY last minute that dinner is over, your cupcakes are fresh out of the oven and you’re just barely spray painting your bases.
  • #2 – Do not, I repeat, DO NOT drink two (full-to-the-top) glasses of wine before attempting to do anything involving spray paint and/or super glue.
  • #3 – Do not grow impatient and not allow the bases to dry, just because your kids are about to launch themselves through the freakin’ roof if they don’t get a cupcake RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. Seriously I’ve never seen such monkey antics!
  • #4 – Remember that being tipsy AND hasty is a super bad combination. Do not accidentally glue down the wrong side of the base to your top tier and then remark “Oh CRAP!” after the fact. Upside down base = totally unsteady structure. Oops.

My monstrousity managed to stay intact up until the last “Happy Birthday to you!” was sung, then it proceeded to topple over into a nice little cupcake/frosting dollar store disaster.

Oop! A little crooked... right before the epic fail

We managed to salvage most of the cupcakes, however, my three-year-old decided to LICK like 5 of them straight away. I had hubby throw the whole stand out. I plan to get more supplies and try it again, this time hopefully without the wine.


  1. Hope you don’t mind – I put your post on my Facebook page!

  2. Oh my stinkin heck – I am laughing so hard!! I am so sorry the stands failed, but all is not lost because you got a great post out of it!!

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