Armed (with Mod Podge) and dangerous

I’ve seen the art of stacking books w/knick-knacks to add height to objects and also to create visual interest. Using plain ol’ books seemed kinda boring to me, plus none of the books I had were right for my color scheme, because I’m all matchy-matchy like that. I was so excited when I came across two great tutorials on how to fabulize your old books (yeah, not a real word)….

Love it! Now my turn!…

I’ve acquired a wee stash of spray paint and have been spray painting everything in sight! Just ask the hubbs ;) So I first spray painted my books, one ivory and one black. I also decided to use a coordinating paper on the spine of each book, rather than one single pattern.


My two old books, repurposed

I think they came out decent for my first attempt. There are still many crafts I have yet to master (i.e. I’m SO not talented with a stencil/paint). However, I do fancy me some Mod Podge and I’m getting better at using it without bubbles and/or mess-ups. The trick is to work fast and to cover your object with the Mod Podge, not the actual paper (D’oh!)


Here they are, displayed on the bookcase

Those two tutorials above are super helpful, but here’s a few tips/suggestions in case you decide to try it out:

  • If spray painting, you WILL want to tape off the book’s paper edges with painter’s tape.
  • You still might have some places on the cover’s edges were the spray paint didn’t hit. Use a thin brush and matching craft paint to touch up the spots that were missed.
  • I measured each book and used a large paper cutter to make sure my scrapbook paper was perfectly cut.
  • Using a foam roller to apply the Mod Podge was super effective/fast.
  • Definitely use a ruler to smooth out the paper from top to bottom


So lovely!

I don’t really have any stamps to try out, but I’m just thinking of all the color combinations that I could make with my scrapbook paper stash… *dreamy, far away look* !!! But I’m going to try to refrain from over doing it with decorative books all over the house! I have a habit of getting carried away with stuff… heh.


  1. These are great! They look perfect!!

  2. That is really cute!

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