You pour water on them and look what happens!

Among the coupon clipping, the “No Gavin, stop that/no touch!”, the housekeeping (or lack thereof), and the deficient staving off of the depression-monster, I’ve also been busy with a certain soon-to-be 3-year-old who has just started preschool.  We are very fortunate that Quentin was approved for developmental preschool. He has successfully transitioned from the state’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) to the local school system.  (You might not be privy to the fact that he was referred by his ped to the EIP over a year ago due to speech delay and had been receiving in-home speech and occupational therapy.)

First week of preschool down… two years to go! *Sigh*. Just the thought can be exasperating, as I’m finding myself up until midnight baking cookies for Halloween parties and struggling through nightly homework with a kid who clearly does not want to “color 2 orange pumpkins and 3 purple pumpkins”, because dammit– he likes BLUE. And yes, I said HOMEWORK. In preschool! Am I the only one surprised by this?  It doesn’t help that the packets they send home are fairly advanced for his current level of ability. I understand that the point of this homework is not entirely about the actual educational content, but also to instill responsibility, discipline and the ability to follow instructions.  However, to me – it’s more like, get your metal armor on because there’s about to be a battle of wills!

We’ve also had a little drama in regards to the bus.  Quentin is still very afraid of riding the bus and I doubt he’s on the bus driver’s “most loved” list.  He’s given them (the bus driver and aide) a run for their money this week in regards to tantrums when being put ON the bus, both in the mornings and after school. The first day, he came off the bus and confessed to me “I scared of da bus. I cry!” at which point I simultaneously shot the bus driver a look of sympathy while inwardly thinking “Sucks to be you!”, because I know all too well what a Quentin-sized meltdown entails.

All joking and bitching aside, I’m so proud and happy for my little guy. It makes me sort of sad though. He’s not my baby anymore! And holy buckets did I just like blink my eyes and he went from this little thumb-sucking Gizmo to a full-blown preschoolin’ Gremlin? No kidding, time sure does fly!

Quentin @ 4 mos. old

Quentin @ 4 mos. old

He was very proud to wear his uniform and “packback” the first day of school…

Quentin's first day of preschool

Quentin's first day of preschool

The teachers said he has done really well at school and that the first week is always the most rough. I’m already being the overbearing Mom with my custom notes/emails to the teacher asking “Am I doing this right?” or “Can you further explain this?…”.  I’m pretty sure I’m not on HER “most loved” list either. I need to lay low for a few weeks before I think of joining the PTA and jumping on any soap boxes. I kid of course. I’m so not the PTA type ;) Oh, and those cookies for the Halloween party? Came out like huge flat pancakes. “Bakery Style” my butt!  I never said I was the Betty Crocker type either…


  1. Oh Ang.. he is SO freaking CUTE! Guh. Glad to hear hes doing well in school!

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